Customer Questions & Answers

Question:I made one many years ago and had a frame so that I could work on it standing up. Is it easy to work on your lap while sitting in a chair?
Answer:I sit at a card table.. Lots of room to spread out the yarn.. I leave it in the den so I can work on it when I have time..

Question:How long does one rug take to do?
Answer:If I do it everyday it could be done in a day but I finished it over weeks due to work and busy life

Question:What age do you think this is appropriate for? Would a seven-year-old who is be able to do it?
Answer:I had trouble following the pattern so I think a 7 yr old would not be able to do it . I can tell you they have what they call Latchkits that are ok for ages 7 and up that are ok.

Question:Is the patterns on the canvus?
Answer:hi, yes, the color patterns is on the canvas and clearly

Question:Are the edges bound?
Answer: yes the edges are bound ,fyi, I am enjoying it a lot and the nice this is the backing on the canvas also.