Instruction manual

Printed Canvas

The latch rug kits comes with a colored instruction guide,
it's easy to finish it according to the English instruction steps

Material: Mixture Textile

Theme: Three-dimensional Embroidery Series

Usage: Carpet / Rug / Tapestry

Technics: Latch Hook / Crocheting


Latch Hook Crochet Needle Hook

Size:6.5 Inch

Plastic handle and metal hoo

The Latch Hook Crochet Needle Hook is portable and lightweight, easy to carry

Easy to use


Embroidery instructions

English instructions

Please Note: Please refer to the labels on the yarn to find the correct color to use.



Color preprinted pattern design non-slip canvas

The design is printed on the mat

With detailed English instructions and the latch hook tool



Packing box

PVC transparent packaging box

Size:12x8x1.5 inch